Watermark® Multifunctional Readers

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Watermark cards, IC smart cards and standard magnetics can now be read using the latest range of motorised readers. Each reader has been designed with an optional IC smart card station and can accept 0.76mm or 0.38mm CR80 sized cards.

The ML version reads Watermark Cards and ISO track 2 standard magnetics.

The top of the range, MW, has the additional ability to write to LoCo or HiCo cards.

For applications where space is limited, the MS is a compact version allowing Watermark read with an optional IC smart card station.

The MW, ML and MS all support fully automatic or external control by RS232 and industry standard interfaces.

Full ISO 7811 LoCo and HiCo track 2 read capability Yes Yes
Full ISO 7811 LoCo track 2 write capability Yes
Full ISO 7811/6 HiCo (2750 Oe) track 2 write capability Option
Reads either 90° or 45° Watermark tape Yes Yes Yes
Optional IC smart card station enabling:
IC smart card read / write to ISO 7816 Yes Yes Yes
I2C memory cards read / write Yes Yes Yes
Data Output Formats:
Data and Strobe Yes Yes Option
RS 232 Yes Yes Yes
Reads 0.76mm (30 thou) embossed or non-embossed cards Yes Yes Yes
Reads 0.38mm (15 thou) embossed or non-embossed cards Option Option Yes
Full self test reporting on power up Yes Yes Yes
Detects and reports worn heads Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions in mm (excluding mouthpiece):
    Depth 49 49 49
    Width 90 90 90
    Height without chip trap 216 216 125
    Height with chip trap 250 250 155

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