Watermark Magnetics® Letterbox Slot Readers - 1206LO and 1306LO

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The Letterbox Slot Reader 1206LO is designed to read Watermark Magnetics cards with manual operation. The data can be read both during insertion and removal of the card. This unit has been designed for use in access control applications where the card is not expected to remain in the reader.

The 1206LO reads non-embossed cards conforming to ISO 7810 standards with registered 90 degree Watermark tape in the following formats:

    9 or 10 character Watermark with LRC

    10 character Watermark with no LRC

    What's LRC?

Data can be output in two modes to match system requirements. The mode is selected via Link G on the printed circuit board.

    Watermark 1 (default)
    Watermark 2 (optional)

Cards are read both during insertion and withdrawal at speeds between 150 mm/s and 1000 mm/s.

For optimum performance the reader should be mounted with the PCB uppermost so that the card is entered magnetic stripe uppermost and to the left hand side. For security applications where the card remains in the reader for long periods or for where a tighter grip on the card is desired, the 1306LO is recommended.

Head Life: Greater than 1 million card insertions using Watermark Magnetics Cards. (Laboratory test result)

Magnetic Stripe: Watermark read in track 0

    Height 30mm
    Width 100mm
    Length 107mm
    Weight 135g

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