Watermark Magnetics® Swipe Card Reader 1300SO

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The Watermark 1300SO Swipe Reader provides the security of Watermark Magnetics technology in a robust, convenient, and easily installed form. It is designed for use in applications such as access control, turnstile control and time and attendance monitoring. A variety of Watermark card formats can be read without adjustment, and the data output in a number of modes. Programming cards are used to set up the reader with its status shown by an integral LED. The reader's electronics are contained within a single, surface mounted housing, which is secured by two front fixing screws.

The 1300SO reads cards conforming to ISO 7810 standards with registered 90 degree Watermark tape in the following formats:

    9, 10 or 11 character Watermark with LRC

    10, 11 or 12 character Watermark with no LRC

The 1300SO automatically detects the number of characters.

    What's LRC?

Data can be output in four modes to match system requirements.
    Buffered Watermark 1
    Buffered Watermark 2
    ISO Standard Track 2
    RS232 5 volt

Readers are configured by use of 'K' series programming cards, prior to shipment, to individual user requirements. The cards enable selection of:

  • Output mode
  • LED control
  • LRC enable/disable
  • Lock/unlock settings

Cards can be read in either direction at speeds of between 100mm/s and 1500 mm/s. (Error rates of below 1% have been recorded during laboratory testing conditions.) The 1300SO stores the data in a buffer as it is read, and outputs the data at a constant rate in the chosen format.

The integral 3 mm red/green LED can be set for internal or external control with a 'K' series programming card. It also reports the reader mode status when power is first applied.

For optimum performance the reader should be mounted vertically for a downward swipe action. It is fixed through the front of the unit. Screws and blanking plugs are supplied.
Connection is by a single multi-core screened cable, 3m length.

Die-cast housing, matt black with a textured finish:

  • Die-cast housing, matt black with a textured finish
  • Height : 39mm
  • Width : 46mm
  • Length : 113mm
  • Weight : 350g

10.5 - 18V DC
(power consumption 55 to 65 mA)

Conforms to IP64
Operating temperature : -20°C to +55°C
Humidity (at 40°C) : 10% to 85%, continuous, non-condensing
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +55°C

The 1300SO Swipe Reader can be supplied interfaced to an intelligent keyboard.

Conforms to EN50081-1 (Emission)
Conforms to EN50082-1 (Immunity) residential, commercial and light industry.

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