Watermark Magnetics® Motorised Letterbox Slot Card Reader 1004TO

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The Watermark 1004TO Motorised Reader is designed for use in all applications where the convenience of a motorised operation is desired eg in situations where the card must be retained during the operation, or where physical access makes a card swipe difficult eg from a vehicle window.

The 1004TO reads non embossed 0.76mm (30 thou) cards conforming to ISO 7810 standards with registered 90 degree Watermark tape in the following formats:

    9 or 10 character Watermark with LRC

    10 character Watermark with no LRC

    What's LRC?

Data can be output in two modes to match system requirements. The mode is selected via Link J on the printed circuit board.
    Watermark 1 (default)
    Watermark 2 (optional)

A range of Interface Boards can be provided to convert the Watermark data output to meet the requirements of your system.

Automatic or Manual modes are programmable by link selection:
    Automatic Mode: reader accepts and returns cards presented to it. Data is read and output for both forward and reverse card movement.
    Manual Mode: reader is controlled by signals from the system. Card position is monitored via sensors positioned either side of the read head.

For optimum performance the reader should be mounted with the PCB uppermost so that the card is entered magnetic stripe uppermost and to the left hand side. Should card capture be required the reader must be mounted level within ±10 degrees.

Greater than 1 million card insertions using Watermark Magnetics cards. (laboratory tested)

Watermark read in Track 0


  • Height : 78mm
  • Width : 85.5mm without, 103mm with mouthpiece
  • Length : 135mm without, 160mm with card capture
  • Weight : 375g

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