Watermark Magnetics® For Access Control

Access Control

The value of the information contained in buildings and computer systems is increasing all the time: as is the cost of employing security personnel.

A card-based access control system provides a convenient way of ensuring that only authorised people gain access to sensitive areas. Each person is issued with a uniquely numbered card. This enables individual access rights to be defined and records of a person's movements to be maintained.

For there to be confidence in the system, however, it has to be secure: which means that there should be no risk of counterfeit cards.

A Watermark Magnetics card system provides the ideal basis for secure access and identity control: each card carries a unique number which is protected against copying or accidental erasure.

Easy to use, install, commission and maintain, Watermark Magnetics technology provides a high security platform for a card-based access control system.

Watermark tape gives a permanent, unique and secure identity to each card. This acts as a secure key which is read by an active Watermark reader. The reader reports the details of the card's identity to the access control system which can then take appropriate action. This could be to release a door, or enable a computer.

Whether at national level or within a club or campus, Watermark provides a cost-effective and secure machine-readable identity card solution. Stolen cards are no longer a problem. When supplied with a photograph or endorsed with barcoded information, each card is indelibly personalised to its authorised holder. This ensures that the system delivers a clear proof of identity, as well as controlling access.

Thus, access and identity systems can be conveniently linked in a single application. The unique Watermark coding allows conditional access to restricted areas in accordance with pre-set criteria. The facility to make stored value transactions can also be included if required.

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