Watermark Magnetics® Protection for Identification Systems

ID Cards

Identity cards are valuable items. They provide holders with various benefits: from proof of citizenship to discount rights or even the right to vote. Therefore the issuing and availability of cards must be strictly controlled.

With the security of personnel and premises becoming a major issue, more and more companies are turning to Watermark Magnetics technology to safeguard against unauthorised access. In the UK for example Watermark cards are used by the Ministry of Defence, British Telecom and nuclear installations as well as commercial companies. Confidence in the technology has recently led the Ministry of Defence to extend its use of the Watermark card to a combined Identity and Building Access Control Card. This coupled with the ability to build new stored value applications on the card at a later date, provides the Mod with a single highly secure yet flexible multifunctional card. Similarly, Watermark cards are used on campus at Liverpool John Moores University and Cambridge University providing a safer working environment for students and staff.

Easy to use, install, commission and maintain, Watermark Magnetics technology offers secure protection to card issuers and users alike.

The combination of Watermark protected cards and Watermark readers provides a high level of security. The Watermark tape gives a unique, permanent and secure identity to each individual card which is then authenticated by the system reader.

The benefits of this approach are two-fold:
     - Firstly, the Watermark identity ensures that each card has a unique number and is protected against the risks of counterfeiting or substitution.
     - Secondly, machine readability gives fast and reliable authentication and removes the responsibility for authenticating cards from the operator, who may make errors.

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