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Technologies develop and change at an alarming rate, with new words and phrases like smart cards, biometrics, cashless purse, eftpos etc becoming part of our daily language. But do we really understand what they mean? For an overview of some of these terms, choose either:

Biometrics    or    Card Technology

If you prefer to leave the technical terms to the experts, we can offer direct assistance

If you are.....

  - a plastic card manufacturer
  - a marketing consultant
  - a business looking for a card-based solution
  - a casino or club interested in cashless gaming / loyalty programs
  - a corporation seeking information on card technologies
  - a system integrator eg access control company

then we can help.......

Our technology experts can assist with your project in any of the following ways:

  • Technical consultancy on card projects
  • Assistance with selection of the most appropriate card technology for your application
  • Secure card-based system development
  • Clubs & Casinos - account play system development
  • Presentations to conferences
  • Training & seminars on card technology - large and small groups

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Or ask us a question

If you have a project and would like help in selecting the most appropriate technology, click here to send us your details:

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