Structured Magnetics

Structured Magnetics

SCANSEALTM and DEEDMARKTM structured magnetic seals provide the highest level of security to protect paper documents against fraud. Application of the seal to a document provides it with an identity which can be read and proved by the AuthenticatorTM reader. SCANSEAL offers the convenience of the secure structured magnetic technology in label form which can be applied by hand to new and existing documents. This makes it suitable for application in widely distributed offices. DEEMARK secure seals are supplied on a roll of foil, making them suitable for application by standard hot foiling equipment. DEEDMARK is ideal for high volume, new document issues where the efficiencies of the application equipment can be exploited.

Permanent, machine readable seal
Protects against fraud
Easily applied
Available in two formats:

  • 27mm non-unique numbers (all numbers in a given batch are the same). Over 1 million different possible batches.
  • 57mm unique numbers (no number is repeated). Up to 1,000 million different numbers available.

Both of these seals can be read using the AUTHENTICATORTM hand held reader. The AUTHENTICATOR provides a convenient method of locally checking the authenticity of documents protected by the SCANSEAL and DEEDMARK structured magnetics technology.

The reader is scanned across the document and actively examines the magnetic properties of the secure feature to determine whether it is genuine. The identity number from the seal is displayed on the integral LCD and can be sent direct to a PC via an optional flexible data lead.

This hand held unit is completely portable, power is supplied by an internal battery or from a mains supply thus allowing use on-site or at remote locations.

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