VersaKey Series IV

Forget about typing the same address, confusing macro languages which vary with each application, or remembering obscure hot key combinations- use the intelligent alternative.

VersaKey is a direct plug-in replacement PC keyboard, that provides 60 user definable application keys, in addition to all the standard 101 key features.

Each application key can store two regularly used commands or text for any of your favourite PC application software, providing 120 key sequences.

VersaKey works with any IBM or compatible computers and any operating system, and it is designed and manufactured in Australia. Security Magnetics Pty Ltd is proud to be an authorised distributor of this excellent product.


Condense repetitive key sequences down to a single key operation, from simple commands to paragraphs of text.
Never have to search a manual again for that infrequent but important operation.

Training New Personnel
Using the concept of "expert systems", an experienced operator can set up any system using VersaKey.
New personnel can then be productive within a morning, on systems they have never used before.

RSI is real. So is the potential for litigation and damages. Although VersaKey cannot eliminate RSI, it can substantially reduce repetitive tasks and complies with Australian and International ergonomic standards.

Combine VersaKey and Windows for a near perfect user interface.
The speed and functionality of VersaKey is a perfect complement to the ease of Windows, enabling easy access to Windows "short-cut" keys.

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