Interface Boards

A range of Interface Boards can be provided for data conversion. Designed to meet the customer's precise specifications, these interfaces ensure the simplest installation for every Systems Integrator.

Some examples of boards created for special requirements:

IFBTK2  This board was created as an interface between the 1004TO Watermark Motorised Letterbox Slot Card Reader and an access control system configured for a standard magnetic stripe reader.
The card data output from the Watermark reader, in proprietary Buffered Watermark Clock and Data format, is converted to a format which emulates that from a standard magnetic stripe reader reading encoded data on Track 2.
Used in a system which has a mix of 1004 TO readers, and the programmable 1300 SO Swipe reader, no changes were necessary to the software in order for the Watermark card number to be sent direct to the appropriate field in a familiar format.

IFB422  Again a converter of buffered Watermark Clock and Data output, this Interface Board converts the data to RS422 format.

Whatever format your system requires, eg Weigand formats, provided the protocol details are available, a board can be created especially for the purpose. Contact Security Magnetics direct for a quotation for your project.

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