Fingerprint Readers

The newest generation of VERID units, the VERID+ series, are designed to provide a flexible low-cost range of solutions for improving the security of access control systems. Each VERID+ unit contains the complete enrolment, verification and database software in a single wall-mounted housing. Units can be networked using RS485 to offer automatic configuration and synchronisation of all unit databases on the network.

Alternatively, the fingerprint template may be stored on the card providing a simple solution to sites where physical networking of Verid+ units is not possible, or where it is desirable that users retain control of their own fingerprint template. The small size of the template (50 bytes) allows it to be stored on the magnetic tape, on a chip, or simply as a 2-D barcode.

Three versions of VERID+ are available:

VERID+ for installing into existing systems between the card reader or other PIN device and the door controller. Supports a wide range of external readers and keypads.

VERID+PIN has an integral keypad. Ideal where an identification card is not required, each user simply enters their own 4-digit PIN number, presents the finger for checking against that stored template, if the match is successful the VERID+PIN unit sends a PASS (or a FAIL if the match is not accepted) signal on to the door controller.

VERID+PROX has an integral Proximity card reader, in either HID or proprietary format. Many access control systems are based on prox cards - the addition of VERID+PROX is simple and requires no change to existing compatible cards.

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