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VERID is unique in its design and operation. Other systems may require a PC database, or extensive software modification to integrate them with existing access control installations.

Here's what makes VERID stand out as one of the most viable, cost-effective biometric devices on the market today:

  • True standalone - fingerprint templates are stored in the Verid unit, not on an external PC
  • Verid is added to existing systems with no software changes required
  • Output from Verid is exactly the same protocol as that in which it was received from the PIN device.
  • Very quick - under 1 second
  • Supervisor adjustable FAR/FRR
  • Unique transparent mode
  • Fingerprint templates are shared between any number of Verid units either by direct cable interface or by download to hand-held computer
  • Easy-to-follow LED and LCD instructions
  • Multiple finger enrolment for some or all users
  • Anti-tamper facility
  • Add or delete single users from local database
  • Fingerprint templates may be stored on the card in a chip, on magnetic tape, or as a 2-D barcode - template is only 50bytes.

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