Loss Prevention System

Retail premises, pharmacies and clubs commonly suffer from losses due to the theft of valuable goods or drugs from the stockroom, or money from the cash office. Stockrooms and cash offices might only be protected by simple locks, keypads or swipe card readers. Anybody knowing the code, or having access to a key or card can gain entry without any record of who it was or when.

The EnGuard Loss Prevention System, using fingerprint verification, is designed to prevent unauthorised access to retail cash offices or stockrooms, and to provide a record of the person and time of entry. It is not possible to gain access using someone else's PIN or card as both the correct ID number and the person's fingerprint must match the stored data.

The EnGuard Loss Prevention system is a completely self-contained package which can be installed on a single door, or networked across several doors. No central computer or access control system is required, but EnGuard can be easily configured to interface with existing systems. Installation takes approximately 4 hours per door. Extending an installed system is easy - additional doors can be protected with their own unit, and if required can be networked with existing units, without any other changes to the system.

Data recorded includes date, time and access code. Data is downloaded as required to a PC using the PC cable and software provided. Data can then be analysed using Microsoft Access.

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