MANDRAKE - The Perpetual Watchdog

Events in recent times have focussed the world's attention on the need for reliable, fast and accurate detection of the presence of known criminals, terrorists and other undesirables. The rapid growth in Australia of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has proved a very successful deterrent and helped to reduce crime, but local authorities are now seeking to improve the performance of these systems. In particular, public spaces such as Airports, Sporting Arenas and Shopping Centres are very keen right now to improve safety for the large numbers of people who visit and use their services.

Manual systems are slow, inconsistent and need expensive staff to operate effectively. The result is that many individuals are not identified. Automatic monitoring of CCTV images for known individuals is now possible with MANDRAKE facial recognition software, the latest system released by TSSI, specialists in biometric technology, and available in Australia through Security Magnetics Pty Ltd

How does Mandrake check faces quickly?

Mandrake combines the latest face recognition technology with advanced database routines to provide an easy to use system that can be readily modified to meet a user's specific requirements. Images of individuals are stored with any other relevant personal information in the system's database. An unlimited number of images can be stored against a particular subject without having to re-enter or change any other data.

Mandrake Features:

  • Operates with images from any source including existing photographs, live, electronic photo-fits and artists impressions
  • Easy to use screen design
  • Performance is unaffected by skin colour, spectacles, facial hair or race
  • Ranks the match in order and displays the original image alongside the best match
  • Combines face recognition with database filters to improve speed and accuracy

Applications include surveillance of city centre or shopping mall CCTV for known shoplifters, monitoring of passengers in airports for terrorists, confirming the same person boards the aircraft as checked in, and checking for fraudsters in casinos. Mandrake can be added to an existing CCTV installation to upgrade the security of the system. Mandrake can be used for live surveillance applications, or for database comparison applications, eg for checking database for duplicates and multiple identities (eg drivers licences in different names, or simply for cleaning databases of duplicates)

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