Standard access control and identification can be open to abuse through the defrauding of identification cards, use of other people's PIN numbers or by simply borrowing another person's card. Biometrics technology provides the link between the person and the card or PIN number. One of the simplest, cheapest, fastest and most accurate forms of Biometrics is FINGERPRINT VERIFICATION, where a device scans the unique physical attributes of a person's finger, stores that information as a template against the ID number.

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Installation of FINGERPRINT VERIFICATION protection to new and existing access control systems is quick and easy with the VERID system from TSSI. The compact, self-contained units are wall-mounted and operate independently of the access control system, simply forwarding identification data on to the system once verification of the correct person is achieved.

VERID recognises many types of PIN devices - swipe card readers or keypads - and also emulates these for easy integration. No system software changes are needed. Verid's "plug and play" approach provides instant additional security with the cardholder's identity verified in less than 1 second. For convenience and practicality, each person can enrol with one or two fingers.

Verid is available in a range of units and kits to suit every application

  • VERID - the original model, strong heavy-duty metal housing
  • VERID+ - lighter duty, ergonomically-styled, ideal for office environments
  • VERID+PIN - with an integrated keypad, no card required
  • VERID+PROX - with an integrated proximity card reader
  • VERID OEM - for developers interested in incorporating VERID functionality into their own products
  • EnGuard Loss Prevention System - complete kit using fingerprint verification plus access control - ideal for protection of stockrooms, cash offices.

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